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Job referrals on easy mode.
Securing referrals is the worst part of a job hunt. ReferLink automates the referral process so you can focus on landing your dream job.
How it works
1) Create your ReferLink 🔗
A ReferLink is a personalized profile page that lists your referral requests for easy access and sharing.
2) Share it with your network 🤝
Simply send your ReferLink via email, DM, or LinkedIn to get seen by all the right people.
3) We handle the rest, and you get referred! 🚀
Our platform gives referrers to access all the information they need to get you a job, asap.
Everything you need for seamless job and internship referrals in one link.
Facilitate referrals with ease
ReferLink makes the process of referring you to jobs painless and simple. No more uncomfortable back and forth.
Your information, all in once place.
ReferLinks include your background, resume, contact details, and job preferences tailored for any role.
Never follow up again.
Referrers can choose an email reminder for later action, saving you the need to track their progress.
Amplify your reach.
Tap your extended network with a simple link sharing mechanism that helps you reach more potential referrers.
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